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Cheyenne Scarlett

MA ECS. Educator, Advocate & Speaker 

Cheyenne Scarlett, (MA ECS, BCD, ECE) is an educator, advocate and speaker on a mission to empower perinatal health professionals and families with evidence-based data and resources to create a safe and inclusive practice for all birthing people. She has worked to transform health program development at all levels, and continues to advocate for the federal implementation of race-based data for Black Canadians.

Are you a Parent or Provider?

Breakfast Television Interview

Cheyenne is the co-founder of The Black Birth Project. 

The Black Birth Project is a community-based research project aimed at addressing current gaps in Canadian research about Black birthing people.


Work With Me

I am always looking for new ways to collaborate with like minded folks engaging in reproductive justice work!


Please reach out of you have any upcoming events, panels or initiatives that I can be a part of. 

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