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If you are hosting an event, a podcast or a conference and would like me to speak about myself, my work, my research or anything related to reproductive justice, please send me an email. 


I offer various workshops throughout the year. Topics are related to, pregnancy, birth, parenting and beyond. To be informed about upcoming workshops, join my mailing list below. You can also reaach out to me directly to arrange for a private workshop for your group or organization. 


Self reflection is an important tool when it comes to caring for others. "My Deep Dive" is workbook for birth workers and "From the Roots into the Seeds" is a workbook for parents. Both books explore the origin of our personal beliefs and how they influence our life experiences.

Mentorship & Program Audits 


I am now offering mentorship opportunities for folks who are engaging in reproductive health advocacy. This includes doulas, childbirth educators, and other aligned support workers. 


If you would like support in getting your doula business up and running or revamping what you already have going, we can work together to find realistic and sustainable solutions. 

Mentorship services include; video calls, phone calls, emails, texts, homework, planning guides, templates, and networking. Meetings may be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your goals. 


After an introductory call. I will develop a mentorship program tailored specifically to your needs and goals. 


Program Audits

Using inclusive language and creating inclusive spaces can be difficult to transition for those unfamiliar with DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) work. If you have a website, program or service you would like audited to ensure it is inclusive, book an initial consultation with me and we can plan which type of audit is best for you. 

This service can be a one-time website audit or an ongoing contract for multiple products and services. 

My Approach
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